IDA members’ Fellowships

Through support from different sources, including the Disability Catalyst Programme (DFID) and Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), IDA together with its Members launched a fellowship programme with a focus on contributing to the advancement of the SDGs and the CRPD in the Global South. IDA Members proposed candidates and terms of reference related to these objectives and ensured direct follow-up and mentorship of fellows hosted within their organisations or one of their members. The scope of these fellowships included developing SDG monitoring reports from a CRPD perspective at the regional or national level, providing training to their members and getting involved in the elaboration of substantive reports and documents.

A link within the Alliance: The IDA Fellowship Program provides added value to the work of the Alliance by providing effective avenues to support the trajectories of individuals within the movement, while also providing a space for skilled individuals to contribute to the work of IDA. For example, fellowship positions allow Bridge CRPD-SDGs Alumni to utilize and put into practice their acquired skills. Fellows have been key personnel contributing to advocacy initiatives both at the Member level and within the Alliance, including contributing to SDG monitoring reports, and representation within human rights platforms as well as in creating synergies between IDA members and the Alliance.

Strengthening capacities in the Global South: Most fellowships (depending on related programmes and funding sources) were reserved for disability activists from the Global South. This created opportunities for IDA members to expand their operations and/or develop closer links with their members in low and middle-income countries.

Growth and professional development: All evidence indicates that fellows have personally benefited and had an overall positive experience within the fellowship position. Fellows experienced personal growth, development of transferable skills related to disability, acquiring new and improving existing knowledge and skills, built self-confidence, and built leadership skills. IDA’s Fellowship Programme can be instrumental in stimulating the emergence of new disability leaders, which, in consequence, support the development of capacities of OPDs and the disability rights movement in general.

Through ADF’s sub-regional member, the West African Federation of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (WAFOD), has launched 04 fellows French-speaking.

Aim of the fellowship: To support the Bridge CRPD-SDGs Initiative as well as other training efforts, including related to the SDGs reports and the Social Protection efforts.

Fellow: Mohamadou Oumarou

Location:  They are all based in Niamey

Supervision: Idriss Maiga, ADF’s chair

Interlinkages: With the SDGs report consultant Sissoko Mamadou

Period: September 2020 – February 2021 (can be renewed once for up to 12 months)